Business Research

Our business research services are structured to find reliable information to help you identify opportunities for your business. Our research helps you to understand your market so that you can make more informed decisions to increase profits and achieve more business success.

Research Methods

We love research. We are your detectives to sift out the wheat from the chaff of information to distill what you need to know to grow your business. We undertake all types of research – primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative.

Solutions Lab

solutions_labWe undertake all types of business research – surveys, market research, focus groups, best practices and case studies, solutions to business challenges, and more.
We bridge business knowledge gaps between our client’s business and their market and customers, or to help them understand their competition. Being informed with the right information enables you to make better decisions to grow your business. We go the extra mile to find those “gold nuggets” of data specific to your business that are often hard to find. Our outcomes are actionable and can help our clients achieve business success.
Our skills include coding qualitative responses into easily understood, consistent answers that are guaranteed to help your business.

Route One Research Services has launched a Think Tank Solutions Lab, with a goal of helping for profit and non-profit managers solve business challenges. Problem solving is a key to success. From information overload to not having a profit plan, managers are having a hard time getting it all done, curbing stress, and staying productive. These business challenges have solutions which we can usually find through research.
In addition to research projects, we produce top notch, well-researched customized business plans and marketing plans. Online, we do website analyses and Google Analytics as well as SEO to help raise your online presence.
Whether you want to make connections with your customers to serve them better, learn market research before investing in production, or solve a business challenge, align your road to success by calling us today.