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Do you find business planning or marketing decisions a challenge because you aren’t sure if you have the right information? Or are you so busy that you feel overwhelmed and don’t have enough time to market your service/product or plan your business?

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Route One Research & Marketing Services helps small business owners who want to develop a successful business but are burdened by lack of a clear direction or too little time to conduct marketing.

Our clients are experts at what they do. But many don’t have research and planning expertise or the time to develop business and marketing plans that can help them build the business they want.

We’ve helped both new and experienced entrepreneurs. For new entrepreneurs, we have developed business plans that earned financial support, as well as business and marketing plans that guided their business launch and growth. We also help more established business owners to further develop and increase their profits.

Working with us, you will:

– develop actions that guide your business
– learn how to find more customers
– develop a strong plan of action
– gain fact-based information to make decisions
– stop operating in a vacuum

Whether you’re starting a new business or would like your business to be more successful, the best information available can equip you to act with confidence.